ARKADY IVANOVICH MELUA, General Director and Editor-In-Chief of the Academic Publishing House of Humanistica International Biography Encyclopedia. Professor and Grand Doctor of Philosophy. Dr. Melua was born on February 7, 1950 in Kazatin. In 1973, while in military service received a degree in engineering from Leningrad Construction Institute. In 1969 started his career as an engineer with various facilities of the Ministry of Defense. Participated in the construction of an educational nuclear reactor in one of military higher schools. Started his own research career in 1974. Took part in the Soviet project of long-term lunar base (supervised by Main Designer of the Design Bureau, academician V. P. Barmin, and directed in Leningrad by Professor N. A. Krylov), author of one of the first special lunar constructions and research devices in the country. As the academic secretary of the lunar laboratory in Leningrad, he was involved in supervising projects and tests in a number of scientific research institutes throughout the country. Completed a short-term training in cartography at Moscow University, a program in technology of space carriers in VIKU, and a program of study in Medicine and Biology at the Faculty of Aerospace Medicine of the Kirov Military Medical Academy, and also attended other academic establishments. In the same year he started researching scientific and technical documentation of the Nobel Family (while researching for patenting of explosion protection units of lunar constructions). In the late 1970s presented a report at the international symposium in Novosibirsk on use of space technology in civil industry; this was when he had first started his cooperation with member of the USSR Academy of Sciences A. L. Yanshin and academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR V. P. Kaznacheev. Served on the Academic Council on Space Research of Siberia and the Far East, the Academic Council on Biosphere at the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences, on Commission on Space Studies of Earth Natural Resources (serving as a member of the bureau), and on Commission of Scholarly Heritage of Academician V. I. Vernadsky. In each of these positions he prepared and published papers, report series with works contributed by other authors. He was one of the organizers (in cooperation with Academician K. Y. Kondratyev) and Vice-President of Academic Council on Space Research for National Economy at MKS of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Leningrad. In 1984 he obtained a medical clearance for space flights. In 1985 defended a doctoral dissertation in engineering (on automated control systems of spacecraft). In 1991 he defended a Grand Ph.D. dissertation in philosophy, on methodology of biospheric research. A member of many public scientific organizations and academies. Has been teaching since 1975. Authored more than 800 publications (inventions, monographs, articles and collections, instructional brochures and encyclopedias) on problems of peaceful use of achievements of astronautics, ecology, history of science and technology, special engineering, and several aspects of development of the financial market in Russia in the 1990s. Was employed as the senior researcher, and later, director of the branch of the Institute of History of Natural Sciences and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (till 1995). Served as founder and general director (since 1995) of the Academic Publishing House of Humanistica International Biography Encyclopedia. Member of the Board of directors of OAO Industry and Construction Bank (St. Petersburg) (1994-1996). In 1986 founded the International Foundation of Science History; served as president of the foundation. Initiated first studies of the Nobel movement as a social phenomenon in history of science and society (1989); was the first in the USSR signed the main documents in this area, including an agreement with the management of the Nobel Foundation on joint projects in this area (1990, 1991); with the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences on providing information on Nobel Prize winners to Russia (1999). In September 1989, with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR and participation of the Ambassador of the USSR in Sweden B. D. Pankin held negotiations with the management of the Nobel Foundation on wider independent studies of the Nobel Family heritage their progressive ideas and the Nobel movement as a whole. Organized two St. Petersburg symposia of Nobel Prize winners, helped create and install a memorial plaque of Alfred Nobel in 1991 on No. 24 Petrogradskaya Naberezhnaya with support of the International Foundation of Science History. Initiated humanitarian cooperation between the Soviet Cultural Foundation and the Nobel Foundation, in cooperation with presidents of these foundations D. S. Likhachev and L. Gillensten, and signed the declaration on cooperation (1991). In 1990th years participated in award Geidar Aliev on the Nobel Peace Prize. In January, 2009 nominated president France N. Sarkozi for the Nobel Peace Prize. In February, 2010 has carried on in Stockholm successful negotiations with a heads of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Fundation. Supported studies of the heritage of Alfred Nobel as someone who had the qualities of top priority value for peaceful progress of the modern society. He also served as publisher of the series of Nobel monographs, the Nobel Review (in Russian) and the multivolume edition, entitled "Documents of Life and Work of the Nobel Family." Helped promote popularization of Nobel principles in other countries. Initiated publication of a series of Humanistica biographic encyclopedias, and in 1990 published the first vocabulary and the program of the biographic encyclopedia; authored and published the first volumes in this series, including Internet versions. Developed and implemented the plan of creating the biography database and publication of the 100 volume Russian Biographic Encyclopedia (RBE), which includes the information from the archives of Russian diasporas in more than 120 countries. Suggested a methodology for work with tera- and petabyte files (one petabyte contains more than one million gigabytes) within the RBE project. In 1993 Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences awarded him the Academician Vinogradov Prize for his monograph entitled "Lessons of Ecological Miscalculations" (in cooperation with Academician A. L. Yanshin). Was awarded numerous state awards (medals) and public distinction awards. Married, with three children, daughter Anna and sons Henri and Alexander.

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